Do You Have a TT99 Driving Conviction?

Our TT99 Policy Provides:
  • Instant Cover
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Insurance for drivers with a TT99 conviction

What is a TT99 conviction?

TT99 refers to a conviction for disqualification under “totting up” procedure. In the UK, drivers receive penalty points for various driving offenses. If a driver accumulates 12 or more penalty points within a three-year period, they can be disqualified from driving. TT99 indicates that a driver has been disqualified under this “totting up” procedure.

How we can help.

Many insurers charge unreasonable premiums for drivers with a TT99 conviction, if they agree to cover it at all. We recognise that our customers still need affordable insurance to get them on the road. We also understand that your occupation should not mean you are charged a disproportionately high rate of insurance. We search our panel of leading insurers to try and find the best and most competitive cover to suit you.

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