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State of the Market: Is the Courier Market Growing?

Is the courier market growing? The UK’s courier sector is currently experiencing significant growth and transformation, driven by a booming e-commerce market and the need for efficient and reliable delivery services. Market trends are also seeing courier fleets on the rise, as businesses expand to accommodate increased demand. Both UK and international deliveries are set […]

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Love the idea of driving for money?

Love the idea of driving for money? Self-employed courier drivers can earn an attractive wage, and you don’t need to invest much to become a courier driver. All you need is a vehicle of your own for self-employed courier work. Want to know how to become a self-employed courier driver? Business Choice Direct has all […]

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Growing Your Business – Courier Drivers

How to pick up (and keep) business as a self-employed courier driver If you have or are about to take the step into becoming a self-employed courier, the good news I that there is still a shortage of qualified and experience drivers to meet the thousands of delivery jobs that are required every single day. […]

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Our top ten tips for reducing on the road costs

For most of us, it’s not getting any easier to make ends meet, especially when running a business as a courier. With fuel prices predicted to remain flat for the next 3 years, having hit an all-time high in 20221, goods in shops still being more expensive than they were 2 years ago,2 and car […]

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Why are motor insurance premiums so high?

In 2023, van insurance rose by 35.9% – the fastest rate for six years.1 Annual premiums for a new van insurance policy were quoted at £500 to £999 a year, making this the highest the insurance sector has seen since 2017. Private car owners saw premiums rise by 12% in the last quarter of 2023, […]

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Clean = Green | How can drivers reduce carbon emissions?

According to research from motor manufacturer Vauxhall, vans are responsible for 18.2% of transport-related CO2 emissions in the UK and nearly 5% of the UK’s total carbon emissions each year. Vauxhall calculated emissions could be reduced by nearly 20 million tonnes every year if UK vans were replaced or converted into fully electric vehicles.1 While […]

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