Fleet Insurance

We give more flexibility allowing modern-day businesses to conveniently and cost-effectively insure multiple vehicles on one policy.

Searching for Fleet Insurance?

With Business Choice Direct you are able to arrange multiple vehicles on one fleet policy. With one renewal date, one payment plan and our expert account managers to guide you through the process, a fleet policy could offer you valuable savings when arranging your business insurance.

If you are looking to insure 3 or more vehicles, and if you are a growing or established business, we can assist you.

With access to market leading fleet insurers, we can cater for existing fleet rated policies, as well as using your no claims bonus to arrange a fleet policy for your business if it’s the first time you have explored the opportunity.

Backed by a dedicated service team to look after your business throughout the duration of your policy, arranging fleet insurance could change the way you operate your business for the better.

Business Fleet Insurance