Employers Liability Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance is designed to protect your employees in case they suffer death or an injury whilst in the workplace. It also protects you as their employer in the event a legal claim for death or injury is made against you.

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What to look for in employers liability insurance…

  • Cover up to £10 million. (Minimum required by law is £5 million)
  • Simple and straightforward cover to provide you and your employees with peace of mind
  • Instant policy documentation

This cover is a legal requirement if you employ labour only sub contractors. A labour only sub cotractor is a contractor you employ on a full time or part time/ voluntary basis. who does the same trade as you.

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Frequently Asked Questions need some help?

What is Employers Liability Insurance?

Employers Liability is Insurance cover which protects you against and costs of legal fees should an employee sue your business for any illness or injury which occurred when working for you. You are legally required to have correct the Liability Insurance if you have employees.

Is Employers Liability Insurance compulsory?

Yes, if you employ staff directly or use labour only sub-contractors it is a legal requirement to ensure you have Employers Liability Insurance. If you are employing a family member, it is not always compulsory to have Employers Liability Insurance, however is recommended.

Do I need Employer’s Liability Insurance for contractors and sub-contractors?

All labour only sub-contractors are your responsibility and are required to be covered by Employers Liability Insurance. Bona-fide sub-contractors, working independently, may not require cover. They will have their own Public Liability Insurance, however, you must ensure that their insurance is of an equivalent cover limit to your own policy.

Other Considerations

  • Public liability insurance – protects you if a member of the public makes a claim against you as a result of any damage to their property or an injury sustained in your workplace, or whilst you were working on their premises.
  • Professional indemnity insurance – if you provide services, design things or give professional advice, this cover is important in case you make a mistake and end up getting sued for reckless recommendations, dodgy designs or an omission on your part.
  • Directors & Officers – Insurance provides essential protection against the financial costs of claims where you are personally liable.
  • Cyber insurance – If you’re processing orders online, keeping customer data, even just using social media- you are at risk of being hacked or, if data gets stolen, being heavily fined for breaching GDPR Regulations. This cover is your support back-up should you get hacked