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Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors and officers insurance covers the payment of fines, compensation and legal expenses because as a business director you have a personal responsibility for all of your actions. This is including any errors or omissions and the decisions you make as a director or officer.

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What to look for in D & O Insurance…

  • Cover for the cost of compensation for claims made against yourself or your business.
  • Cover for health and safety claims.
  • Options for extensions such as corporate legal liability cover.


Why choose Business Choice Direct?

Running a company has so many aspects to consider and you can’t be everywhere at once. The last thing you need to worry about is being personally called to account for an unfair dismissal case or one of your managers providing misleading information, or GDPR / regulatory breaches. Things can and do go wrong and being sued can cause huge pressures not to mention financial loss. So you need to be confident that you have the right cover to make this one less issue to worry about.


Frequently Asked Questions need some help?

What is Directors and Officers Insurance?

Directors & Officers (D&O) is liability insurance for the directors and officers of a company. If someone alleges you’ve done a wrongful act when running your business, then they can sue the company, which means they can sue you. D&O Insurance offers protection for claims against you as an individual.

Am I protected against claims made by investors?

If your company has directors or key managers, directors’ and officers’ liability insurance can cover the cost of compensation claims made against them by shareholders, investors, employees, regulators or third parties.

Other Considerations

  • Public liability insurance – If you go to clients or they come to you, they could sue you if they have an accident or their property is damaged. This cover provides for legal costs and any compensation you may need to pay out.
  • Employment liability insurance – If you employ staff, this is a legal requirement. It protects you against claims made by your employees for injuries and illnesses they suffer at work.
  • Cyber liability insurance – If you use email, hold customer data, take online payments, or have a website, you could be at risk.