Directors & Officers Insurance

If you employ your own staff or sub-contractors working under your direction, you will require Liability Insurance and we have policies designed specifically for directors and officers.

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Key policy features

  • Cover for the cost of compensation for claims made against yourself or your business.
  • Cover for health and safety claims.

Why choose Business Choice Direct?

As a director or officer of a company you hold a lot of responsibility for yourself, the business and its employees. With this responsibility you could be held liable for claims made against your business, which can result in hefty fines, legal costs, compensation and even imprisonment. Our Directors and Officers Insurance provides essential protection against the financial costs of claims where you are personally liable.

Our in-house experts can tailor a policy to suit your specific needs, it is a small price to pay for peace of mind that you and your career is protected.


Frequently Asked Questions need some help?

What is Directors and Officers Insurance?

Directors & Officers (D&O) is liability insurance for the directors and officers of a company. If someone alleges you’ve done a wrongful act when running your business, then they can sue the company, which means they can sue you. D&O Insurance offers protection for claims against you as an individual.

Am I protected against claims made by investors?

If your company has directors or key managers, directors’ and officers’ liability insurance can cover the cost of compensation claims made against them by shareholders, investors, employees, regulators or third parties.