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Your health matters, so it matters to us too!

Covid-19 and multiple lockdowns has demonstrated the need for physical, mental and social wellbeing support for everyone, no matter who you are. With lockdown restrictions lifting and the pressures of daily life, we understand it’s not always easy to take the time to look after yourself, your family and your friends, in the way that you should. We’re here to help and can offer you free access to our new online portal, Wellbeing Matters.

We have teamed up with market-leading corporate Health & Wellbeing provider, Spectrum.Life, and are delighted to offer you free access to our new portal – focused on helping you and your wellbeing.

The Platform

Our Wellbeing Matters portal provides easy, 24/7 access to over 200 hours of content to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, including blogs, articles and seminars through to videos and podcasts. The content covers a wide range of Physical, Mental & Social Wellbeing topis.

Not only that but you can also track your daily activity, eating patterns and calorie intake all in one place. All users are rewarded for their activity – the more you engage with the platform, the more points you earn and the more rewards you unlock.

The benefits of using Wellbeing Matters does not stop there. The portal also provides access to our Benefit Hub, helping you save money on everyday expenditure.

To access the Benefit Hub, log on to the Wellbeing Matters portal and simply click on the ‘My Wellbeing page’. There you will find a link to the benefits hub with your own unique code. You can use the Benefit Hub as many times as you wish and can start saving money today!

You’ll see a number of recognised partners offering you discounts on the Benefit Hub, such as Apple, Boots, Burtons, Clarks, Halfords, John Lewis, Nike, Sky and many more brands and Hotel Chains and Restaurants.

Our Wellbeing Matters portal is one of the most comprehensive health and wellbeing apps on the market and we hope it will help to make a difference to you and your wellbeing.

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