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Salon Insurance

It’s your job to know your Pixie cut from your Pompadour, not your public liability insurance from your property cover. Understanding the ins and outs of Salon Insurance isn’t why you started your business but it is crucial to its survival. That’s where we come in. We will get to know your business and find a policy to match it so you can get back to reminding your clients what they looked like the last time they had a fringe cut in…

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What to look for in Salon Insurance

  • Public and Employers Liability Insurance
  • Cover for treatments carried out by you and your staff
  • Cover for loss or damage to equipment and supplies
  • Business interruption cover if you are unable to trade for specific reasons
Salon Insurance

Why choose Business Choice Direct?

Running a business in the beauty industry means you face challenges that many businesses don’t; your trade affects how people look and how they feel about themselves. You use strong chemicals and potentially dangerous equipment every day. The consequences of something going wrong can be devastating to your clients, your staff and your business.  

While you fill your days with cuts, colours and consultations, we fill ours with policy wordings and insurance schedules. It may not sound as exciting but it means we know our stuff so you can trust you’re getting the right advice, and policy, for your Salon.

Salon Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions need some help?

I rent a salon, do I still need insurance?

If you rent the property you will not require Buildings Insurance as the building owner should have this covered. However, you would require Pubic Liability Insurance, and Employers Liability Insurance if you have staff working for you. We also recommend Contents & Stock Insurance to ensure your equipment and products are covered.