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Policy & Administration Charges

We charge a fee at policy outset and a fee to administer any changes to your policy. We also charge a fee if your policy is cancelled. If you choose to pay by Direct Debit we will charge a Direct Debit setup fee. All fees charged are as follows:

Annual policy arrangement fee: The fee payable will be dependent on the insurer who the business is being placed with. The fee calculated as a percentage of insurer calculated premium and the result of individual risk calculations based on information provided by you in your quotation for a policy. The monetary amount of any such fee will be disclosed to you prior to you purchasing / renewing the policy.

Van Insurance: General Administration

  • Mid-term adjustments after inception: up to £75.00
  • Direct Debit arrangement: £0.00
  • Cancellation charge prior to inception: £25.00
  • Cancellation charge up to 14 days: £35.00
  • Cancellation charge after 14 days: up to £75.00