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A local, face-to-face service for your business insurance needs.

We make it our business to understand your business, so you can benefit from our local expertise, knowledge and knowhow. In a digital age, where “one size fits all”, nothing beats a personal touch from a team that knows your area.

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The benefits of buying local

  • Your business insurance made easy, right on your doorstep.
  • The opportunity of meeting in person prior to inception, mid-term and prior to your renewal. This helps to ensure we understand each other, and we can really get to know your business.
  • We are able to explain all the small print and the information you need to consider, in a user friendly, jargon- free way.
  • You benefit from a personal touch with a dedicated account handler team.
  • Problems with your insurance or had a claim? We are down the road and can assist you to ensure any issues are dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner.
Nothing beats local knowledge for accurate quotes and a personal service. Whilst it is possible to just buy online at the click of a button these days, can you be confident that you are buying a quality, comprehensive and relevant insurance policy that accurately meets the needs of your business?
When it comes to business insurance, it’s not just the price that needs to be right!. With a wide range of products and a large panel of insurers, we can ensure that you have suitable cover that meets your business needs whilst ensuring that it’s cost effective. Our expertise means we can help to reduce the risks of underinsurance and unnecessary claims, allowing us to secure beneficial and competitive rates.
In fact, our reputation depends on it! Furthermore, in the event of a claim, we are on hand to support you when you need it most.

Key policy features

  • A dedicated team with a vast knowledge in commercial insurance and access to a wide panel of insurers.
  • We know what is important to our customers, such as competitive pricing and great customer service throughout your policy term.
  • A small business or a large business? Whatever the size of your business, we aim to make you feel valued, and ensure your business is in safe hands.
  • We will always act proactively and respond in a timely manner, including being easy to get hold of on the phone and arranging appointments in person.

Why choose Business Choice Direct?

We will use our local knowledge and our expertise to ensure all aspects have been considered when it comes to your business insurance by using our large panel of insurers to find you the most appropriate cover.
Ongoing, once you have cover in place, our support does not stop there. We will continue to monitor your policy requirements year on year as market conditions fluctuate.
In the event of a claim, we can act on your behalf to ensure that your insurer is dealing with your claim in a timely and cost effective manner.