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How does courier van insurance differ from regular car or van insurance?

Regular car or van insurance does not offer the appropriate cover for work as a courier. As a courier, you are constantly on the road, typically delivering goods to one or more locations using your vehicle for commercial gain. In contrast, most people’s cars are sat on their driveway, or in a work car park for the majority of the day. Your vehicles are therefore exposed to more risk than is normally encountered by non-courier car or van drivers.

If you get paid to deliver goods, you need the specialist cover called ‘hire or reward’. In addition, you need your insurance to cover the risk that you pose to other road users and the public. Courier Insurance needs to be more comprehensive than normal van insurance, and at BCD, we can talk you through the different aspects such as Goods in Transit and Public Liability. We can also help you with cover for specialised vehicles, such as refrigerated vans, and international transport cover.