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Can I get convicted driver insurance with a drink driving offence?

Yes, you can get convicted driver insurance even if you have a drink driving offence on your record. You may however find it more challenging after a driving offence to obtain insurance, with fewer policies and provider to choose from, as well as your premiums becoming higher due to the increased risk associated with this type of offence.

It is worth noting the following:

• Higher premiums – insurance premiums for convicted drivers, with driving offences, are likely to be much more expensive than those without. That’s because you’re seen as a greater risk, so more likely to have an accident and therefore claim on your insurance.

• Disclosure of offence: It is essential to disclose any motor convictions, including drink driving offences, when applying for insurance. Not telling your insurance provider can result in your insurance being invalidated or refusal of claims in the event of an accident.

• Limited coverage options: Some insurers may offer limited insurance coverage options for drivers with drink driving convictions. However, specialist insurers, may offer comprehensive insurance for those with convictions.