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How does Fleet Insurance differ from regular vehicle insurance?

Fleet Insurance is a specialist type of commercial insurance policy, so it isn’t available through all insurance providers. As a specialist broker, BCD are industry experts, familiar with all the types and levels of cover available.
Overall, a Fleet Insurance policy offers similar coverage to a standard car or vehicle policy, plus some additional features designed for business needs.

A Fleet Insurance policy can cover aspects such as;

  • Loss or damage to the vehicle.
  • Recovery of the vehicle following an accident or breakdown
  • Replacement locks if keys are stolen
  • Windscreen replacement
  • Windscreen replacement
  • Trailers or equipment attachments
  • Cover for personal belongings stolen from the vehicle
  • Driving abroad
  • Courtesy vehicle during repair
  • These features are available from most Fleet Insurance providers, either as standard or as optional extras.

    You will need to check specific exclusions, for example Motorbikes, Forklift trucks and excavators tend to need specific cover.

    In addition, Fleet Insurance policies cannot cover all types of claim.

    It would not for example cover;-

  • Vehicle theft due to driver negligence, such as leaving the vehicle unlocked
  • Damage to the tyres or body underside
  • Mechanical breakdown.
  • Fleet Insurance covers multiple vehicles. The number of vehicles considered a fleet varies according to the provider. For BCD that number is 3 or more. The vehicles can be registered in the company name, partner or director of the company, allowing one policy to cover all your vehicles with the business. It can be more cost effective than insuring each individual vehicle separately.