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Important Information Regarding GAP and Total Loss Protection Policies Through LAMP Insurance

Updated Information 7th April 2020

This information is relevant if you have a GAP or Total Loss Protection insurance policy for your vehicle through Strategic Insurance Services Limited and underwritten by LAMP Insurance Company Limited.

We have now received confirmation that all LAMP Insurance policies were cancelled with effect from midnight on 3rd October 2019 meaning that your policy cover is no longer in force after 23:59 on 2nd October 2019.  

In previous communication to affected customers we advised that LAMP Insurance were declared insolvent on 31st May 2019 and the Official Receiver was appointed as Liquidator of LAMP Insurance Company Limited. 

If you have been affected, the Liquidator, Grant Thornton Ltd, will have written to you within 14 days of the 3rd of October 2019 explaining the next steps. This will include details of how any refund of premium due will be sent to you by way of compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

We have now received confirmation from the FSCS that the compensation payments have been sent out on Monday 6th April 2020 to any customers who were eligible to receive compensation. If you were eligible for compensation you will receive your payment accordingly.

The return of premium is calculated on the basis of any unexpired premium from the Disclaimer date (3rd October 2019), and is compensated at 90% of the total due, by the FSCS.

Our frequently asked questions regarding the situation are for your information below and we ask you take time to read through them.

All information we currently have is on our dedicated web page and this will be updated as and when we receive further news.

Please continue to refer to the website for updates, however, if you wish to contact us to discuss the information we have provided, please email us at  If you are unable to use these facilities, please call us on 0344 7768 307.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Strategic and who are LAMP?

Strategic are the insurance agency the policy was arranged through. LAMP Insurance are the insurance company that underwrite the GAP or Total Loss Protection policy.

What does this mean for me?

Your GAP or Total Loss Protection policy is now cancelled and you would not be able to make any claim on that policy as of 3rd October 2019.

How much refund would I receive?

If you are due a refund, return of premium is calculated on the basis of any unexpired premium from the Disclaimer date (3rd October 2019), and is compensated at 90% of the total due by the FSCS. No refund would be due if a claim had been reported. 

If I have cancelled my policy would I still be due any refund?

The terms and conditions of your existing policy remain applicable in the event that you have cancelled your Lamp insurance policy. Please see your policy wording in relation to cancellations.

The FSCS have advised that policyholders who have cancelled their policies will still be entitled to a return of premium but its value will be determined according to the policy terms and conditions which may be less favourable than a pro-rata return.

I have an existing claim or want to make a new claim. What should I do?

The Liquidator has appointed Quest Consulting (London) Ltd of 52-53 Gracechurch Street, London EC3V OEH, United Kingdom (“Quest”) to administer claims and communications in respect of insurance claims should be sent to the following email address

No claims occurring after 23:59 on 2nd October 2019 will be considered. Existing claims will continue to be dealt with by Quest Consulting.