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Deliveroo Courier Fiasco: So, How Much Does a Courier Driver Earn?

Food delivery service Deliveroo will not have to pay minimum wage or holiday pay after its couriers were ruled as self-employed and not workers.

The landmark decision, which took place on November 14, only applies to Deliveroo riders in the North London areas of Camden and Kentish Town. However, it could act as a test case for Deliveroo couriers nationwide as well as other delivery drivers who work for other courier companies.

Are you considering becoming a courier driver? Has the Deliveroo news got you worried about how much you can potentially earn?

Becoming a self-employed courier driver still offers many incentives, such as flexible working hours, independence and the ability to earn a decent living.

So, exactly how much does a self-employed courier driver earn?

Courier Driver Salary

Self-employed couriers are paid per delivery, or with some companies, they are paid depending on the size of your van and the area they work in. Couriers can find themselves earning up to £40,000 a year. In a nutshell, the more parcels you deliver and the more flexible you are, the more money you can potentially earn. Christmas can prove particularly lucrative with the majority of shopping now done online.

Courier Insurance & Liability Cover

As a self-employed courier, you will need to get your own specialised courier insurance in order to be able to legally work. You will be using your vehicle for the carriage of goods for hire and reward and this MUST be specified on your insurance certificate.

So how much does courier insurance cost? Well, as with all motor insurance this depends on several variables.

For instance, the type of vehicle you use will determine the type of courier vehicle insurance you will be required to obtain, such as courier car insurance or courier van insurance.

Other factors include the age of your vehicle, your driver profile, the type of goods you will carry and your postcode. The only significant difference between standard motor insurance and courier insurance is the use MUST be hire & reward.

Although not a legal requirement, it is wise for a courier to purchase goods in transit insurance and courier liability insurance. The former covers you if goods get lost, damaged or stolen while in your care. The latter, such as public liability insurance protects you against accidental injury to others, such as customers and their property.

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