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Surviving Christmas as a Courier Driver

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Unless you’re a courier driver that is – the Christmas period is the busiest and often most stressful time of the year in the delivery industry.

An estimated 400 million parcels are set to be delivered across the UK over the holiday period.

Snowed under with packages, cards and letters, it’s no surprise that many courier companies hire temporary Christmas delivery drivers to cope with the extra workload.

As a Christmas courier driver, you can expect your workload to double or even triple, delivering over 100 packages a day.

However, the Christmas period isn’t without its perks. A delivery driver has the potential to earn the most money over the holidays, plus they often receive additional tips from customers.

Here are some helpful holiday tips from experienced couriers to help you survive Christmas as a courier driver:

Stay Hydrated

It’s vital you stay hydrated. When you get into ‘delivery mode,’ it’s easy to forget how hard you’re working or how much time has passed. Staying hydrated is essential for keeping the mind and body functioning, and to keep yourself fit and healthy. Water is the best choice when it comes to keeping hydrated!

It’s also important to keep your energy levels up! Make sure you have regular meals and keep healthy snacks, such as nuts and bananas, in your vehicle for a quick energy boost!

Keep Organised

With the additional workload, it may seem like an impossible task to get everything done.

Don’t panic. Make sure you plan ahead. Map out the most effective delivery route and pack your parcels into your vehicle based on the order of your route. Use a GPS to track your route, especially if you’re delivering to unfamiliar destinations. Keep a spreadsheet to help your track which parcels you’ve delivered.

Bring a Torch

As the days get darker earlier, supply yourself with a decent torch or good mobile flash to help you find your way around. It makes finding street names and house numbers much easier.

Wrap up Warm

With the cold weather setting in, it’s important you stay warm to prevent illness. Fight the freeze by wearing layers, a high-vis coat and some padded gloves.

Take Regular Breaks

It’s likely you’ll be working extra hours to try and tackle the additional workload and meet your targets. But it’s vital you take regular rest breaks during your working day, especially if you’ve been driving for long hours. Taking breaks helps you stay focused and become more productive, plus decreases the risk of injury.

Safety First

With the added pressure of getting everything delivered in time for Christmas, don’t take any unnecessary risks to try and get the job done! Be careful in winter weather conditions – watch out for slippery ice and strong gales.Your safety is paramount. Plus, if you get injured, your employee and customers may be at loss. Make sure you have the correct courier insurance and liability insurance to cover you.

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