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Common Misconceptions Surrounding Insurance for Convicted Drivers.

One common misconception is that only driving offences impact upon your car insurance premiums. In fact, non-motoring convictions can also affect the amount you pay, as underwriters take a range of things into consideration when assessing what risk someone poses. For example, someone with a criminal record is seen as being a greater risk and more likely to make a claim.

Insurance companies evaluate risk as part of their standard practice. Any type of conviction, regardless of its specifics, may indicate a higher risk to insurers. The rationale, whether deemed fair or not, is that a previous conviction could suggest a pattern of risky behaviour. While one mistake doesn’t necessarily define you, regrettably, it can influence how insurers perceive your risk profile.

There are 76 different driving specific offences recognised in the UK that result in endorsements, according to the government penalty points site.  With around a quarter of a million drivers being banned from driving every year in the UK1, there are many people who may be struggling to find suitable insurance cover.

Convicted driver insurance refers to car or van insurance designed for individuals who have been convicted of driving offences. These convictions encompass a range of infringements, from minor speeding violations to more serious offences like driving under the influence, disqualifications, or complete driving bans. This type of insurance is often referred to as high-risk or non-standard insurance.

Here we explore some of the common misconceptions surrounding this specialist needs insurance sector and explain the options available.

Misconception 1- cover unobtainable

Many convicted drivers assume they cannot obtain insurance after their conviction, however, this is not necessarily the case. While premiums may be higher, insurance companies often still offer coverage.

Misconception 2- cover is unaffordable

Convicted drivers may think insurance premiums will be prohibitively expensive, paying the price for their conviction. While they might be higher, shopping around and exploring options can lead to more affordable rates.

Misconception 3- coverage options misunderstood

Some convicted drivers might not be aware of the range of coverage options available to them. They might assume they’re limited to basic coverage when, in fact, they could find suitable comprehensive or third party, fire and theft policies.

Misconception 4- assumption of permanently high premiums

Convicted drivers might assume that once they have a conviction, they will always face high premiums. While rates may be elevated initially, as time passes and driving behaviour improves, premiums could decrease.

Misconception 5- misunderstanding of impact duration

Drivers may not realise how long their conviction will impact upon their insurance premiums. Depending on the offence, it could affect premiums for several years, but eventually, its impact diminishes. A criminal record for a motoring conviction will normally become ‘spent’ after five years.

Misconception 6- non disclosure leads to savings

Some drivers might think they can hide their convictions to secure lower premiums. However, failing to disclose convictions is illegal and could lead to voided policies or difficulties in making claims.

In addition, many drivers do not understand the different conviction types.

Different convictions have varying impacts on insurance premiums. Some drivers may assume all convictions carry the same weight in terms of insurance rates, but this isn’t the case. Each offence is assessed differently by insurance companies.

Getting convicted driver insurance – no hassle with BCD on your side

It’s important for convicted drivers to research and understand their insurance options thoroughly. Consulting with the Business Choice Direct (BCD) team allows you to tap into their extensive knowledge and find you the appropriate cover.

We can also help drivers who own high performance vehicles or those that struggle to get cover due to their “high-risk” occupation. We work with leading insurers who specialise in exactly this sort of cover. Furthermore, if you have lots of claims, we will use our panel of insurance providers to search for cover for you at a competitive price.

Our team of insurance specialists can assist you in tailoring an insurance package to ensure you have the appropriate level of coverage. With our competitive rates and extensive experience, you can obtain car insurance that not only fits your budget but also comes with excellent customer service and efficient claims handling, should the need arise.
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