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How is Hire & Reward Insurance different from regular Commercial Insurance?

Hire & Reward if different as it extends your cover to acknowledge the fact you earn your living using the UK road network and charge your customers to do so. It reflects the fact you will use the roads far more than most vehicles which remain parked at home or work most of the time.

In the event of a claim both insurers and the police will check for this cover, and if not present then there is a good chance your claim will be refused and that could lead to you losing your vehicle and damaging your reputation with your customers.

The good news is that Hire & Reward fleet insurance can also include social & domestic driving for your vehicles, so no need for more than one policy.

What factors influence the cost of Hire & Reward Fleet Insurance?

The factors that will impact on the Hire & Reward Insurance premium you pay include:

• Number of vehicles.
• Your industry
• Years of experience
• Claims history.
• Minimum and maximum age of your drivers.
• If you have cameras and telematics installed.
• Initial and ongoing drivers checks and training.
• Length of your policy (Hire & Reward Fleet policies can be up to three years long)

Talk to our experts at BCD who understand the needs of Hire & Reward Fleets and will work with you to help you get a competitive quote that meets your needs.