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What happens if one of my drivers has an accident while using a Hire & Reward vehicle?

The BCD Claims team are on hand to help make the claims process as hassle free as possible, dealing with your claim quickly and efficiently. If you are involved in an incident, call us on 03332 412 204.

Here are some recommended steps to follow;
• Assess whether you need to call the emergency services and move to a place of safety.
• Note the time, date and conditions (lighting, surface quality, weather etc)
• Assess the damage, inspect the vehicle (s) and take photographs of the vehicles and accident scene. Make a note of any injuries sustained.
• If you have a dash-cam, this can provide vital evidence to back up your claim.
• Be respectful and try and stay calm. Do not apologise or admit fault.
• Take the details of any third party, including their vehicle registration.
• If there are witnesses, take their details in full.
• Get roadside recovery if required.
• Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible.