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Will my insurance premiums go down over time with a driving conviction?

In general, insurance premiums for convicted drivers may decrease over time, but this depends on several factors:

Conviction Severity: The severity of the driving conviction can significantly impact how much and how quickly your premiums may decrease. For example, minor convictions such as speeding offences may have less of an impact on premiums over time compared to more serious offences.

Time Since Conviction: Insurance companies typically consider the recency of convictions. As time passes since the conviction, if there has been no further incidents, insurers may view you as a lower risk and gradually decrease your premiums over time.

Driving Record: Maintaining a clean driving record following a conviction can demonstrate to insurers that you’re committed to safer driving practices. Over time, a consistently clean driving record can contribute to lower premiums.

Insurance Provider Policies: Different insurance companies may have varying policies regarding how they assess convictions and adjust premiums over time. Some insurers may offer more leniency or faster reductions in premiums for convicted drivers than others.

Additional Factors: Other factors such as changes in personal circumstances, fluctuations in insurance market conditions, and regulatory changes can also influence how insurance premiums change over time.