Our top ten tips for reducing on the road costs

For most of us, it’s not getting any easier to make ends meet, especially when running a business as a courier. With fuel prices at an all-time high1, inflation rising at the highest rate for 40 years2 and the cost of second-hand vehicles hitting an unprecedented level,3 we understand the pressures you are under.

Whilst we want to look after your insurance needs in the best way we can, we also care about supporting you in other ways too. That’s why we wanted to share our top ten tips with you, on ways to save money when you’re out on the road.

Top ten tips

  1. Drive efficiently If you’ve got a “heavy right foot”, try driving less aggressively, as braking hard, sharp cornering and flooring the accelerator will use up more fuel and create greater wear and tear on your vehicle. Sticking to the speed limit is also kinder to the environment and a far safer way to drive
  2. Ignition off If you are in a queue, turn the ignition off, as this saves on fuel and reduces emissions.
  3. Choose your vehicle wisely chose an economical make, with good MPG and lower maintenance costs. Better still invest in an electric vehicle or a hybrid. Even though they are more expensive to buy initially, research suggests that drivers who go all-electric can save an average of £1,000 a year on running costs (tax and fuel) compared to a fossil fuel vehicle4.
  4. Keep your vehicle well maintained – It is not only a safety precaution but will make it more efficient and help prevent any expensive call out costs. Check your oil and the spare tyre and keep it fuelled regularly.
  5. Homemade not pre-made – can save you £’s and Lb’s. Avoid buying take- away or bought in lunches, especially fast food. Bring your own (healthy) pre-prepared snacks. Whilst hydration is important, take your own water rather than forking out for expensive bottled water or coffees. Giving up a daily takeaway coffee can save you £1,007 each year.5 Making healthy homemade alternatives will help with both the waistline and your wallet!
  6. Plan your journey – keep an eye out for smart routes and apps. Learning the local area means you can take the optimum route, avoid roadworks, getting lost and hence delays.
  7. Avoid toll roads – unless it’s the quickest route. Sign up for an electronic Toll Account if you use a particular route or bridge crossing regularly.
  8. Sign up for fuel discount cards – They often offer other concessions too. There are websites that compare the fuels cards to help you chose the one that is right for you. There are also websites like PetrolPrices.com  that track the cheapest fuel prices at garages across the UK. The AA and RAC also track average prices in your region.
  9. Avoid peak times – like rush hour and Friday night, if at all possible. Whilst we appreciate that delivering the goods on time is important, waiting 15 mins to avoid the school run blockages can actually save you time and fuel, not to mention frustration. Be aware of seasonal traffic delays such as tourists in the summer and plan accordingly.
  10. Keep your options open Sign up to more than one company and App. Shop around to find the company that suits you. Most have similar insurance requirements so it’s easy to sign up with a few different delivery companies.

Looking for cheap courier insurance?

It’s also a good idea to try and reduce the costs on your courier or van insurance. If it’s insurance you need, talk to our experts. They have the experience and knowledge to really understand your requirements and they could save you a bob or two! Whilst we appreciate that you want to get cheap courier insurance, you also need to ensure it meets your needs and is right for you. With our team behind you, you can get the appropriate cover at very competitive prices, so you can be out on the road, secure in the knowledge that we’ve got you covered.

Our other insurance products

When you take out a policy, talk to us about our cover add-ons, which can save you money in case of an accident.

  • Legal Expenses
  • Breakdown
  • Excess Protection
  • Additional Policies (trade dependant)
  • Goods in Transit
  • Public Liability
  • Tools Cover
  • GAP/TLP Cover

You can benefit from our years of experience and great advice, so talk to an expert now.

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