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What is GAP Insurance?

If you are unfortunate enough to write-off your vehicle completely, or it is stolen, you could be left out of pocket when it comes to making an insurance claim. Fortunately, there is insurance cover that can help.  GAP Insurance is an acronym for ‘Guaranteed Asset Protection’ and it covers the financial gap between the actual […]

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How to make a car insurance claim

Needing to make a car insurance claim, for whatever reason, is a hassle you could do without! Our helpful claims service aims to get you back on the road (and earning again!) as quickly and painlessly as possible.Our knowledgeable UK based call centre is on hand 24/7 to help you during a stressful time. Why […]

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Tread carefully during Tyre Safety Month

If your tyres don’t stop you, what will? That is the message being promoted during tyre safety month this October. Tyre safety is of vital importance each and every day, and this is specifically highlighted during the month of October for the Tyre Safety Month campaign run by According to statistics from Tyre Safe, […]

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