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What is convicted driver insurance?

Convicted driver insurance is car or van insurance for people who have been convicted of a driving offence. These convictions include those who have been convicted of a driving offence, from minor speeding offences to driving under the influence, disqualifications, or complete driving bans. Convicted driver insurance is also known as high-risk or non-standard insurance.

How much does convicted driver insurance cost?

The cost of convicted driver insurance can differ significantly. There are several factors that can influence the cost, including the nature of the driving conviction, the seriousness of the offences, drivers age and experience, the type of vehicle that is being insured as well as the insurance provider’s policies. If you have a driving conviction you need to be aware that convicted driver insurance tends to be more expensive than standard vehicle insurance as the risk associated with drivers who have previous convictions is perceived as higher.

However, no matter how much more the premium is, you are still legally required to have insurance.

Can I get convicted driver insurance with a drink driving offence?

Yes, you can get convicted driver insurance even if you have a drink driving offence on your record. You may however find it more challenging after a driving offence to obtain insurance, with fewer policies and provider to choose from, as well as your premiums becoming higher due to the increased risk associated with this type of offence.

It is worth noting the following:

• Higher premiums – insurance premiums for convicted drivers, with driving offences, are likely to be much more expensive than those without. That’s because you’re seen as a greater risk, so more likely to have an accident and therefore claim on your insurance.

• Disclosure of offence: It is essential to disclose any motor convictions, including drink driving offences, when applying for insurance. Not telling your insurance provider can result in your insurance being invalidated or refusal of claims in the event of an accident.

• Limited coverage options: Some insurers may offer limited insurance coverage options for drivers with drink driving convictions. However, specialist insurers, may offer comprehensive insurance for those with convictions.

Are there ways to reduce the cost of convicted driver insurance?

Yes, there are a few things convicted drivers can do to keep the cost of vehicle insurance down. Examples of these are:

Increasing Voluntary Excess: Agreeing to pay a higher voluntary excess (the amount you contribute towards a claim) can lower your insurance premiums. However, be sure you can afford the excess amount in case you need to make a claim.

Driving Rehabilitation Courses: Completing a driving rehabilitation course, especially for offences like drink driving, may not only fulfill legal requirements but also demonstrate to insurers your commitment to safer driving practices, potentially leading to reduced premiums over time.

Limited Mileage: If you don’t drive many miles, opting for a limited mileage policy can help reduce your premiums, as insurers perceive lower mileage as lower risk.

Vehicle Security Measures: Installing additional security features on your vehicle, such as alarms, immobilizers, or tracking devices, can help lower insurance premiums by reducing the risk of theft.

Will my insurance premiums go down over time with a driving conviction?

In general, insurance premiums for convicted drivers may decrease over time, but this depends on several factors:

Conviction Severity: The severity of the driving conviction can significantly impact how much and how quickly your premiums may decrease. For example, minor convictions such as speeding offences may have less of an impact on premiums over time compared to more serious offences.

Time Since Conviction: Insurance companies typically consider the recency of convictions. As time passes since the conviction, if there has been no further incidents, insurers may view you as a lower risk and gradually decrease your premiums over time.

Driving Record: Maintaining a clean driving record following a conviction can demonstrate to insurers that you’re committed to safer driving practices. Over time, a consistently clean driving record can contribute to lower premiums.

Insurance Provider Policies: Different insurance companies may have varying policies regarding how they assess convictions and adjust premiums over time. Some insurers may offer more leniency or faster reductions in premiums for convicted drivers than others.

Additional Factors: Other factors such as changes in personal circumstances, fluctuations in insurance market conditions, and regulatory changes can also influence how insurance premiums change over time.