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Do I need to declare all of my modifications?

Yes. It is important to tell us about all the changes you have made, even if they are just cosmetic rather than performance enhancing. You may even get a reduction in your premium with certain modifications. We can look at getting like-for-like cover to allow for the true value of all your upgrades, so you are properly covered in the event of a claim.

What if my car comes with modifications?

Cars bough from an authorised dealer with optional extras like alloy wheels should not affect your premiums too much, if fitted to the manufacturer’s specifications. It’s worth checking what comes as standard so that you can advise your insurer.

Always declare all the details of the modifications, especially if it has enhanced the value of your car, to ensure any future claim is not rejected on the grounds of non-disclosure.

Why do modified vehicles cost more to insure?

Many underwriters are wary of drivers with modified vehicles, considering them to be reckless and therefore prone to accidents. The reality is, however, that drivers of modified vehicles tend to be vehicle enthusiasts who will go to extreme lengths to protect their pride and joy from harm.