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What is courier van insurance and why do I need it?

Insurance for your vehicle is legally required for everyone. Any vehicle used on the public highway must be insured by law.

As a courier you need ‘Hire & Reward’ cover.

As couriers carry goods or materials on behalf of other people, you specifically need a level of cover called ‘Hire & Reward’. It’s not just couriers who need Hire & Reward cover; people like Taxi Drivers, Chauffeurs and Fast-Food Deliveries need this unique cover too.

If you carry goods for hire or reward, a standard van policy or commercial van policy will not cover them.

What types of coverage are included in courier van insurance?

The key cover you need is ‘hire & reward’ and you can then select three levels of cover which protects your vehicle either on a fully comprehensive basis or, third party fire and theft or third party only.
Comprehensive insurance covers you against damage or injury to a person (the third-party), their property or vehicle, theft of or fire damage to your vehicle, plus cover for damage to your own vehicle.
Third-party, Fire & Theft covers against damage or injury to a person (the third-party), their property or vehicle, plus offers cover for theft of or fire damage to your vehicle.
• Third-party is the most basic level of cover, protecting you against damage or injury to a person (the third-party), their property or vehicle only. It does not protect your own vehicle.

How does courier van insurance differ from regular car or van insurance?

Regular car or van insurance does not offer the appropriate cover for work as a courier. As a courier, you are constantly on the road, typically delivering goods to one or more locations using your vehicle for commercial gain. In contrast, most people’s cars are sat on their driveway, or in a work car park for the majority of the day. Your vehicles are therefore exposed to more risk than is normally encountered by non-courier car or van drivers.

If you get paid to deliver goods, you need the specialist cover called ‘hire or reward’. In addition, you need your insurance to cover the risk that you pose to other road users and the public. Courier Insurance needs to be more comprehensive than normal van insurance, and at BCD, we can talk you through the different aspects such as Goods in Transit and Public Liability. We can also help you with cover for specialised vehicles, such as refrigerated vans, and international transport cover.

How can I find the best rates for courier van insurance?

At BCD we search the market and use our contacts with a wide range of insurance providers to get you the best deal. Whilst cheap courier van insurance is a consideration, it is important to make sure that you have the optimum protection that meets your needs.

Talk to the experience BCD team for affordable courier van insurance and commercial vehicle protection.

What factors affect the cost of courier van insurance?

There are a number of factors that affect the amount of insurance you pay.
These include;

• Your experience and no claims bonus.
• Age and value of your vehicle.
• The level of cover you chose e.g. Comprehensive, Third Party etc
• Number of drivers that you wish to have on the policy.
• Age of drivers and any convictions
• If you have sign writing
• Number of drops made and radius worked within.
• Amount of excess.

Talk to our experts at BCD who understand the logistics of being a courier and will work with you to help you get a competitive quote that meets your needs.

Is goods-in-transit insurance included in courier van insurance?

No. Goods in Transit cover protects the goods you are transporting, which could range from parcels to furniture and white goods, to expensive electronic equipment. Our cover picks these up, including the UK and Europe, with cover levels starting from £5,000. We have some exclusive products to help you.

The value and nature of your cargo will affect how much you pay on top of your standard policy.

Can I use my personal van for courier services and still be covered?

Yes, you can use your personal van for courier work, but you will need to make sure that you have the appropriate specialist courier insurance for it. We also strongly recommend that you have Goods in Transit cover and Public Liability insurance as well. If you have anyone working for you it is a legal requirement to have Employers Liability insurance.

Call the BCD team for quick, same day quotes.

What should I do in case of an accident or damage to my courier van?

The BCD Claims team are on hand to help make the claims process as hassle free as possible, dealing with your claim quickly and efficiently. Call us on 03332 412 204

If you are involved in an incident, here are some recommended steps to follow;
• Assess whether you need to call the emergency services and move to a place of safety.
• Note the time, date and conditions (lighting, surface quality, weather etc)
• Assess the damage, inspect the vehicle (s) and take photographs of the vehicles and accident scene. Make a note of any injuries sustained.
• If you have a dash-cam, this can provide vital evidence to back up your claim.
• Be respectful and try and stay calm. Do not apologise or admit fault.
• Take the details of any third party, including their vehicle registration.
• If there are witnesses, take their details in full.
• Get roadside recovery if required.
• Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible.